Sounding off

Finally. My head is out of the ugly rear of academia. Well, not quite – but the pressure isn’t as hard as before. And finally I have the space to breathe, to take the time to be at Twitter chats, and to blog as I want again.

As you may (or may not) have noticed, I have had the opportunity to blog at Teaterby’s website during the ILT Festival in May. Unfortunately I didn’t get to write that much there, even in spite of my intentions. There was a lot of interesting stuff going on, half of which I couldn’t manage to attend. Lack of blogging and attendance was very much due to lack of energy to do so. I will try to see if I can make it up — either here or on Stage Takeoff.

ILT set aside, I have been doing the obligatory theater production. Did I have the pleasure of doing so? That’s highly debatable. But we did well in the end. I received the lowest grade of my group, but it wasn’t a bad grade at all.

That set aside, I’m about set at YouTube with the new channel design. I almost feel like I’m also behind there as well, although my mission to vlog is merely half-hearted. If I say soon, stock up on canned goods.

In the future, there are two things I’m looking forward to share with you: first, I have a trip to London, UK. I’m going with my mother, and we’ll be going to the Eye and to the Globe, seeing “Macbeth” at the latter (starring Billy Boyd as Banquo!). Second, I have been accepted to AU Summer University. The course I’m taking is called Photography in a New Media Context. We’re expected to have a blog while doing this, and I’m stil curious as to whether or not I’m able to use Lenses Reflecting Life for this purpous or not. I’ll keep you updated on this.

Before I leave you, there is something I would like to share. Nothing big, just a smile. When I logged in tonight, I saw two posts which I really liked among those I follow. They are both from the same blog, that of Michael Fry (or: “Over the Hedge”). They were the start of a discussion concerning books and technology. I’m all for both, hoping that one doesn’t rule out the other.
Read the posts/strips here: 1) Books (Brain Not Included), 2) Me-Book

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