Photography in a New Media Environment

This should be a new start of a series of posts for a class I’m taking. We have been asked to blog pictures on a regular basis (daily, actually) – and since the class is limited to August, I would feel rather silly if I had to make yet another short-lived blog to do so. Giving the class its own category should do the trick instead (especially if my lecturer and fellow students can accept that the rest of my blog seems opinionated and far from updated).

As you can read in the subject line, the class is dealing with photography and new media. It’s offered by the information studies at Aarhus University and is a part of the Summer University. You can read more here (indeed it says ‘context’, not ‘environment’, but since it has been altered on the syllabus, I call it by the altered version).

As I have just moved, I have chosen to have this move as my theme. The main subthemes are much likely to be old/new and the transition in between as well as what can be steadying factors in the phase of transition before being completely settled. Random pictures dealing with very concrete things may just pop up in between – like this one:


I went to Ikea to get moving boxes last week. I came with nothing, but left with 24 lovely water glasses, two beautiful bowls, and a bag of M&Ms. Yup, they DO know where to place that – especially when the customer in question had had no breakfast when running out the door.

The blue ones, you ask? Yes, we do have them in Denmark. Tasty little buggers, aren’t they, though? 😉

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