On my way home from class today, I saw this:


I initially saw a building covered with scaffolding. There are trees scattered around the area that the building and the neighboring buildings are in, but by the end of said building are three trees. I’m not sure how old the trees are, but I like the idea of them being older than the building.

Not only are the old and the new then represented in the picture, but there is also a process going on – a transition. I’m guessing that the reason why the scaffolding is there is because the building is being cleaned up or having some other work done. It’s being refurbished. It’s in the transition from its old self to its new self, on the road to a new beginning.

Oh, the building is at Høegh-Guldbergs Gade and Samsøgade, just a few steps from where I just moved in.

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One comment on “Scaffolding
  1. […] the second photo last year, I posted this tree and the building behind it. The building had scaffolding around it at the time. I took it as a different image of the […]

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