Cleaning the recently inaugurated kitchenware


Having lived with other people, I didn’t have things like my own cutlery, kitchen knives, etc. when I lived in Gellerup. Somehow we (or occasionally just I) always made it through with someone having them or survived with leftover collections of everything in the periods in between.

But now it’s time to actually get my own shit (again. I didn’t bother taking EVERYTHING with me from Copenhagen way back when). Some things I already own, some things I need to buy. Something I needed was (and still is) cutlery. The only difference from then and now is that I got some – Føtex happened to have some I like (yes, I’m picky): the design also used at a restaurant in London which my mother and I ate at in June. Now I just need more than four of each item!

The rest is mix’n’match from what I brought with me and what I bought in Ikea, Tiger, and a local supermarket.

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