Sorting the Mail (Finally!)


This is not the first mail that has arrived in my new mail box, but I tend to have a tendency of leaving the curculars be if I don’t toss them immediately. This struck me as I took the most recent pile out of the mail box; the circulars had catalogues from Musikhuset and Ikea among them. Well, they were pretty much it. It was as if the people responsible of them actually KNEW who was living in this apartment!

I do tend to forget the circulars in the apartment once in a while. This is partially because I’m a blood donor, and they tend to hide the blood donor magazine among the circulars. Other smaller things also tend to be “eaten” by the circulars. I don’t always get to look them through before I go up to my apartment with circulars in hand (I usually check when I’m on my way home), and forgetfulness is also partially to blame for the pile of circulars that has suddenly been accumulated in random inconvenient places in my home.

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