The New Church


To me, moving also means finding a new church – a local church. I have been very fortunate blessed to run into good local churches wherever I move.

What makes the situation different this time around is that the church closest to my home, Betlehemskirken, isn’t part of the Lutheran Evangelical Church in Denmark – it’s the Aarhusian chapter of the United Methodist Church. As much as I feel that the situation is out of place, I still feel very much at home; perhaps because I spent my time in both denominations in Copenhagen, too (Brorson’s Church and Jerusalemskirken). This could happen as Brorson’s only has one (somewhat) traditional Sunday Service per month. I lacked a church for the rest of the Sundays of the month and was acquainted with Jerusalemskirken as I was singing in one of ther choirs.

This time around, I will attempt to pick up where I left in Copenhagen: I’m (still) in the parish council in Gellerup and don’t plan to leave until the electoral period ends in 2014, but I will still be spending some time in Betlehemskirken, especially seeing that I’m probably starting in one or both of their gospel choirs (the first weekly rehearsal after their summer break is seen in the photo above).

I have been without a choir since I moved to Aarhus three years ago. I’m running low on gospel mojo – that’s becoming apparant now (if it wasn’t when I attempted to write a paper on gospel in Denmark in another class).

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One comment on “The New Church
  1. […] I have mentioned starting singing gospel in the local church since moving to my new place. I am still in one of the gospel choirs mentioned, Voices of Praise, but didn’t make it through the audition to the other (although as part of my feedback from the director, I was told it was close). […]

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