Music Monday #1: “Brighter Day” by Kirk Franklin

Time to restart a tradition, I think! New blog, reset of count, though (also with a reference to this week’s Top 5). I have done this in an elaborate version on my old blog, but plan to continue this in the revamped version from my other blog, Stage Takeoff.

I have mentioned starting singing gospel in the local church since moving to my new place. I am still in one of the gospel choirs mentioned, Voices of Praise, but didn’t make it through the audition to the other (although as part of my feedback from the director, I was told it was close).

Wednesday last week was Voices of Praise’s first reheasal after Christmas and New Year’s, and we started learning a song that I already know from my time in Revelation Gospel Choir. It’s a wonderful sensation that a song can rest in my body for years, but still the harmony comes out just right when sung again.

As per usual, I base my top 5 on the top 25 of iTunes as I usually listen to music on my iPod as well as my iPhone, making iTunes the ideal center of counting the number of plays for each track up. I got a new computer recently (PC, not Mac), meaning that the top 25 has automatically been reset. Although it has been long since the last Music Monday on any of my blogs, it means that the top 5 looks radically different than on the previous computer. But since I received the new computer in January, it means that – at the very least – there is no leftovers from Christmas in the shape of a ridiculous number of plays of holiday tracks.

As I have done before, I link to two services; this time around it’s YouTube as usual, but Spotify instead of Grooveshark as the latter has been made inaccessible from Denmark. If there is a video (much likely to be an official one of the kind) for the song, I write that you can watch it at YouTube and listen at Spotify. If there is no video to speak of, I write that you can listen at both places.

Here is a rough look at what the Top 5 looks like at the moment:
1. “Free Your Mind” by En Vogue (watch at YouTube or listen at Spotify)
2. “Yesterday” by En Vogue (listen at YouTube or at Spotify)
3. “My Lovin'(You’re Never Gonna Get It)” by En Vogue (watch at YouTube or listen at Spotify)
4. “Landslide” by Dixie Chicks (watch at YouTube or listen at Spotify)
5. “Play” by Jennifer Lopez (watch at YouTube or listen at Spotify)

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