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And now for another new thing on this specific blog: Follow Friday, which is another concept appropriated from Twitter, where you can find it as the hashtags #FF and #FollowFriday. On Twitter, you send a tweet that contains the handle (eg. @FreyaNaja) of someone or more worth keeping an eye on along with one or both of these hashtags. In the blog version (and occasionally on Twitter), I usually expand a bit, making it a podcast and add possible handles on multiple websites where this podcast, person, band, theater, concept, or who-/whichever I think you should follow can be found.

If you follow me on Twitter and know Danish, you may have noticed that I mentioned an audio book yesterday. That is what I am following up on now.

Like I have preferences like wanting to read the book in its original language, I prefer having the book read by the author when listening to audio books. If I can’t read it in my own “voice”, I do like the idea of having it read to me like the author meant it to come out. I do believe that this is one of the reasons why “Hippie 1” by Peter Øvig Knudsen and “Trækruter” by Michael Falch became successes to me and why I want to get my hands on “Hippie 2”; the authors read their own books in the recording. Do you have any preferences when it comes to audio books?

Both “Hippie 1” and “Trækruter” has been acquired through Danmarks Radio (DR), the national broadcasting corporation in Denmark. They regularly make audio books available for free in limited periods of time, and this is a fabulous opportunity for audio book listeners – especially for those who, like me, otherwise wouldn’t read/listen to these books. A Danish translation of a new book was released in Denmark yesterday, and to celebrate this release (which is – granted – one of many releases), DR made it available as an audio book. It will be available for download for free until March 26th. The book is a thriller called “The Swimmer” (original title: “Simmaren”, Danish title: “Svømmeren”) by Joakim Zander, a Swedish author and lawyer.

Pick up the audio book as podcast or mp3: Hent højdramatisk thriller som lydbog
Read more about Joakim Zander and “The Swimmer”: Joakim Zander at Ahland Agency (in English)

You can also follow Zander on Twitter (@JoakimZander) and Instagram (@joakimzander).

If you subscribe to the newsletter of DR Læseklubber, they will let you know when there is a new audio book available, but in lack of something more public – like a specific Twitter account – for announcements about audio books at DR, I can only encourage you to check in on relevant sites and pages at their website.

  • DR Kultur: Lydbøger – where you can find links to “Svømmeren”, a collection of non-fiction called “Tænkepauser”, a collection of short stories called “Drømmenoveller” (based on the dreams of the listeners), and an experiment doing a “radio book”.
  • DR Podcast – where you can search alphabetically under L (Lydbog = audio book) or under the category Lydbøger og særlige tilbud (audio books and special offers); when it comes to audio books, I can see more under that category than on the rest of the site.
  • What I have been able to pick up on the website is as follows (they can all be found under the aforementioned category; to read more, follow the link if provided):
  • If you want more like “Ivanhoe” and “Kong Salomons Miner”, I suggest you check out “Harald Hårderåd” and “Tyve Tusind Lydår”, also to be found in this category.

The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) also releases audio books, sometimes dramatized, which are to be found at their Podcasts & Downloads page under the categories of either Drama or Learning. The specific audio books I can find right now are:

Whenever I find audio books, I will mention it; look out on Twitter and watch this blog.

If you have links for counterparts or other sources that I have missed, please do not hesitate to pass it on. Leaving out Audible this time around has been a conscious decision.

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