The Hiding of the Cheshire Cat


The plus side of living in one place for long enough is that one gets to know the area well. Instead of walking the exact same route to and from everyday errands, one can make turns that one didn’t make yesterday.

The area I live in now have colorful houses, an array of diverse plantation in the gardens, randomly placed trees, flowers, and plants crawling the walls of the buildings – and the walls filled with graffiti. Sometimes you need to know where they are and what to look for.

Speaking of which: however small it is in the image, are you able to spot the Cheshire Cat?

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One comment on “The Hiding of the Cheshire Cat
  1. […] it comes to the Cheshire Cat in the Hiding of the Cheshire Cat post, you can find him in the dark area between the F and the O. If you want, you can see him right […]

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