Spice Shakers (and the Finding of the Cheshire Cat)

Spice shakers

Recycling the spice shakers – before and after acetone

I don’t know if I should claim not to have high standards in the kitchen – I would say that I do have certain standards in that area – but sometimes one has to be to a more practical side rather than being picky. This applies to the spice containers and shakers in my kitchen. True enough, I am picky with the spices, and if I really had to pick something to have my salt and pepper in, it would be in pawn-shaped grinders which can be found with a brand like Peugeot. But alas, to this day I haven’t been able to find space for them in my budget.

Fortunately, I have found an alternative that I find to be of great use; every now in a blue moon, I buy spices in shakers like the pictured. I have one for salt, one for pepper, and the one you see in the background containing a mix of powdered cinnamon and sugar which traditionally dresses rice porridge (or “rice pudding” as some call it) along with a knob of butter. Some merely use powdered cinnamon, which I think is the absolute traditional thing, but the mix with sugar has made its way into tradition. I always had a problem with dressing the porridge evenly with a spoon, so having a shaker to do so is a gift.

The reason why I don’t have a lot of these shakers is because I buy most of my spices from an organic brand called Urtekram. They come in beautiful tiny tins these days – once they came in equally tiny glass jars – which I save, clean, and refill. The wonderful thing about these tins is that you can pull the label right off, no soaking, no hassle. But with some of the glass jars I have kept throu time, a bit of soaking is needed to dissolve the glue keeping on the label – and in some cases, even some acetone is needed to remove the most persistent glue (a trick that I learned when using nail polish remover as a teenager).

When it comes to the Cheshire Cat in the Hiding of the Cheshire Cat post, you can find him in the dark area between the F and the O. If you want, you can see him right here.

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