Commercial programming: Unintentionally doing it right

Some cable companies in Denmark offer the possibility of starting over some programs on TV. Some channels show TV-shopping programs, so when starting over the programs following these shopping programs, you’ll get the last bit of it to start with. These channels do not offer the possibility of fast forwarding due to making their money off of their commercial programming, so they obviously want us to see it and buy everything we see.

Every now and then, that last part of the shopping program contains a fancy fitness machine, promising broad shoulders for the gents and time glass figure for the ladies as well as flat stomachs, six packs, and tight and shapely buttocks for everybody. You will get this and all the bikini readiness you want in only five minutes, with only this one machine, AND in your own home – how about that!

I do think that these commercials don’t really work the way they were intended on me. The thing is that the commercials also show people who clearly aren’t sixpacked nor pleasing on the eyes in a bikini (at least if you ask the TV-shopping people); they are in a gym and so not in the know when it comes to how the machinery works – you know how difficult it is to ride a stationary bike or walking/jogging/running on the treadmill without slipping and falling after the two first steps, right?

Really? Seriously. As mind numbingly dumbing down these commercials are, I tend to go in the opposite camp, however mind numbingly dumb that also is. I start to look forward to get a membership to the gym, strutting around in public, proud as the swan I am going to be with all of that working out that I can actually work those machines.

It seems that I (as well as the local gym) should actually be thanking those TV-shopping commercials – so thank you kindly! 😀

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