Summer Anniversary

It’s summer. It’s actually hot outside – the proper Scandinavian summer has arrived, and I have finally bought myself new flip-flops – and it is so hot that the sky has broken out in summer rain. Before it broke out, though, I had been out and about.

I am catsitting for my parents, meaning that I am in the greater Copenhagen area. Today I was in central Copenhagen to get a card to send to someone; I was participating in a tea swap through Swap-Bot, so I was to get a card and an envelope to send a couple of teabags in. It worked out, the card was written and signed, everything was stuffed into the envelope, address and postage were added, and off it went in the mailbox.

My parents had bought bananas and Danish strawberries (YAAASSS! It’s SEASON!) and put them in the fridge for me. Unaware of this, I had brought bananas with me from home because I had them – I eat them for breakfast – and didn’t want to waste them. This means that I have had an abundance of fruit fit for koldskål (literally: cold bowl, a dairy dish perfect for the summertime). If it hadn’t been for one specific brand of koldskål, I’m in a period when I would have been looking up a recipe and learning how to make it myself. But no: my favorite so far is an organic storebought kind. It’s from a high end supermarket, Irma, which is not in Aarhus anymore, so I was happy to make it into an open Irma today to buy a liter of their wonderful koldskål; it’s their own brand. It isn’t exactly the cheapest supermarket around, but this is one of the few things that I won’t have any other way. I sorely needed something to eat without waiting when I got home, so now much of it is gone by now, and the soup that I was planning to eat must be a late supper.

Right now the garden doors are open, letting in fresh air and the sound of the rain. The TV is on, showing me old episodes of “Jamie at home,” recorded on the folks’ harddisk. Let me just tell you that there is no better combination of things right now.

What dotted the i was a notification from WordPress, congratulating me with my seven year anniversary on Seven years ago today, I joined this part of the blogsphere – but it wasn’t until Christmas of 2009 (about a year and a half later) that I wrote my first blog post on

Many a time I have been wondering what my blog is or should be about – but I think I am going to try going back to the initial idea: having a place to share just whatever is on my mind and making a digital home for the things in my life that need it.

Thank you to WordPress for the past seven years.

Welcome to my world.

WP 7 year anniversary

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