Update (May 31st, 2016)

Now I’ve been revisiting the blog a few times since the last blog entry. I start feeling the itch again; I miss blogging! But this seems to be a theme every time I check in, and every time it seems like I try to promise myself and my (albeit small, but I assume still existing) audience that I will get better, that I will try to do better, but then forget about it again. Perhaps because I often use Facebook updates as an outlet as well; I don’t think that it was as common when I started my initial blog as it is now. However, these sometimes seem far more instant, immediate, and intimately personal than any blogpost would be.

It seems like I’ve had quite a few things on my plate. Activities have come to my attention, catching my interst, and I have been invited or permitted in to participate. Two of those activities have been in UngK, the youth church in Aarhus, especially as the old pastor left (his leave from his regular position ended) and a new pastor has come to. Another chance has been becoming a lay preacher in the Methodist Church. With the rest of my activities (which has included classes every day Monday through Friday), life started to be filled to a breaking point, and prioritizing was necessary. Recognizing my limits and prioritizing thereafter seems to have given some air, which I hope will continue to be. This might also mean space to pay more attention to this (of course without promising too much – lesson learned!).

I’m updating my blog/site once again; I’ve found a theme (design) that seems interesting to work with. Now let’s see if I can figure it out! There seem to be different possibilities with pages and such, making a “proper” front page, making it look more like a website with a blog rather than a blog serving as a website.

Among external media, I’ve come across yet another podcast. Having audio running in my offtime or my downtime often seems to help anchoring my mind, often in the shape of music, chat shows, and every now and then an audio book. Sometimes it comes through the radio, sometimes as podcasts, sometimes as something else. The latest podcast I’ve come across is Not Too Deep with Grace Helbig. It’s a talk show, obviously with Grace Helbig, a YouTuber, hosting it, talking to other YouTubers. As the title insinuates, the talks don’t (or shouldn’t) go too deep. Sometimes that’s just what you need; something not going to deep, but still is in an overall friendly tone. Of course, this one has been added to the Podroll to the left.

Otherwise I have finally seen the light when it comes to Netflix. I’ve come across a couple of series that I wanted to follow, but haven’t had the chance to catch up on, as well as stand-up shows and a bunch of movies, favorites as well as some that I wanted to see. It seems that I’ve developed quite a taste for historical dramas! What I miss now is more than two episodes of Ripper Street as well as getting Lost back in there. Whether or not they are there in other regions, they aren’t present in the Danish Netflix!

Other than that, I am presently looking for an internship/apprenticeship, specializing in general administration, as a legal secretary, in travel, or as an event manager. More on that later! Soon later!

Until then – have a good day/week/… !

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