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Valg af kandidat

Jeg vil ikke blande mig i, hvem du stemmer på – jeg håber bare, at du vil stemme med din gode samvittighed, og at dit valg kommer os alle til gode. Et værktøj, som jeg har benyttet mig af, er

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Dear Russia (among others) — It’s not okay.

“Our brothers and sisters in Russia among many other places need our voice and our support now more than ever when their voice – having one alone – can cost them their freedom, or their lives. Just because of their sexuality. That’s basically like making something illegal and less worthy just because of the color of your skin. Sounds familiar?” – Christian Vincent.

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I have the right to defend myself

I was looking through a friend’s blog and came across this one. It’s spot on. If you say that Israel is responding to rockets being sent from Gaza, answer me this: Why do you think rockets are being sent in

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