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Livet i en skolepraktik

I den (tilsyneladende) evige proces det er at skulle finde en ordinær elevplads (se Fakta nedenfor), havde vi for noget tid siden besøg af Dennis fra HK. Han er under omstændighederne et næsten lidt for kendt ansigt efterhånden, men stadigvæk

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How I can’t lose

Today, Denmark's national women's soccer team is headed to the Netherlands for the final in the European Championships. I can't lose this one. One thing is the question of equality. Soccer is the national sport in Denmark, just like you

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Hej, jeg fik et lortegennemsnit, da det endeligt lykkedes for mig.

Hej, jeg hedder Freya og er HF-student med et lortegennemsnit.

Til gengæld dumpede jeg ikke en eneste eksamen; jeg fik et stykke papir, der fik mig ind på landets to bedste universiteter – og på trods af det er jeg pissekompetent.

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One of the things that have been a stable throughout, well, basically anything but following the Word of Wisdom of the Latter-Day Saints (which lasted less than a month after being challenged by a pair of missionaries), is coffee. You

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As the second photo last year, I posted this tree and the building behind it. The building had scaffolding around it at the time. I took it as a different image of the subthemes I was working with – old,

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Spice Shakers (and the Finding of the Cheshire Cat)

I don’t know if I should claim not to have high standards in the kitchen – I would say that I do have certain standards in that area – but sometimes one has to be to a more practical side

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The Hiding of the Cheshire Cat

The plus side of living in one place for long enough is that one gets to know the area well. Instead of walking the exact same route to and from everyday errands, one can make turns that one didn’t make

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PiNME Revisited

As of this weekend, I have lived in my present home for exactly one year. One of the things that the move to this place has influenced was the theme that I worked with during a course that I started

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On a final note…

As the a-photo-a-day-thing was supposed to be for 15 days, I thought I’d better post a 15th “daily” photo. To those of you in class who talked about – or thought of – eating those M&Ms after seeing the first

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The Good Sheet

Drama for your momma from the weekend.

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