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Hej P2: Tips til miljøet

Jeg er begyndt at finde mine svar til radioprogrammet Hej P2, da jeg egentlig synes, at det har været gode prompts til at få skrevet noget. Det er Desværre har jeg ikke nået at hive alle podcastsne ned inden –

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Summer Anniversary

It’s summer. It’s actually hot outside – the proper Scandinavian summer has arrived, and I have finally bought myself new flip-flops – and it is so hot that the sky has broken out in summer rain. Before it broke out,

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I was going through some photos of mine on Facebook and came across this one from October 2nd, 2012. The caption reads: Fall has kicked in. Soon it will be November (ie. time for the final preparations for the general

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Bringing a bit of change around

[W]ith time, I was worn out by all of the wrongs that I could see in the world and the thought of having to have and express an opinion on each and every single one of them. Enter specific interests to run and hide behind; travel, theater, music, food, languages/linguistics and the cultures in which they are spoken or they have influenced, theology, what have you – and all of the elaborate media sources on each subject I could find. I felt that I had to be on the same level of each of those sources in every single one of those subjects. Needless to say, I was out of breath and in need of a nap even before I started.

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Music Midweek/early Throwback Thursday

Listening to The Beatles Reloved for the first time. I don’t know if I’m supposed to dislike it (because you don’t mess with The Beatles/you don’t remaster masterpieces/whatever, dude) – but I’m kinda crushing on it, and whenever the rest

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Go Google.

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Sorting the Mail (Finally!)

This is not the first mail that has arrived in my new mail box, but I tend to have a tendency of leaving the curculars be if I don’t toss them immediately. This struck me as I took the most

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In other news…

1. Reverend Nicolaj Stubbe Hørlyck has been permanently employed as children and youth pastor in my old church, Brorson’s Church. The official inauguration is on September 1st. I believe that y’all heard the cry of joy from people connected to

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Dear Russia (among others) — It’s not okay.

“Our brothers and sisters in Russia among many other places need our voice and our support now more than ever when their voice – having one alone – can cost them their freedom, or their lives. Just because of their sexuality. That’s basically like making something illegal and less worthy just because of the color of your skin. Sounds familiar?” – Christian Vincent.

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A Cuppa Obama

How I love the smell of Obama being president in the morning… And the rest of the day, really. Just like coffee. Yup, still as refreshing as a good cuppa.

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