Beer bread

I’m currently fasting as I have to have blood samples taken in the morning. I was told that the fasting had to start at midnight (it’s currently 1:20 AM as I write). Problem? Well, not the needles.

Well, no problem, then?

Uhm… No. Well… #firstworldproblem.

I have been baking tonight. I was hoping that the rolls I was baking could have been done before midnight so they could complement a soup for a late supper. But the rising took too long for that to happen. I have been clever enough to fill up my fridge and “pantry” (a wooden box on wheels under the fridge/freezer) to be able to make something else to eat in time to start fasting without starving (in this case: a quick portion of eggs).

But now the rolls are sending out the wonderful scent of freshly baked bread in the entire apartment, making my mouth water.

Looking forward to a roll with butter and soup with another roll after the samples. Luckily my appointment in the morning so I don’t have to wait that long.

The recipe for the rolls is from Jamie Oliver’s first cookbook; it’s the basic bread recipe with the beer bread finish.

Almost. can’t. wait. Almost.

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I was going through some photos of mine on Facebook and came across this one from October 2nd, 2012. The caption reads:

Fall has kicked in. Soon it will be November (ie. time for the final preparations for the general period and month of Advent and December) – and before I know it, I will be opening the first window of my advent calendars.

It seemed only yesterday that I was taking a walk on a summer evening in Copenhagen and longed for the semester to start. How time flies…

I have moved since then; I lived in Gellerup at the time, and less from a year from posting the photo, I moved to the apartment I live in now. I have sublet the apartment that I lived in that summer in the meantime and am soon to sell it. I am also to embark on new adventures within a reasonable future. That summer seems so far away from where I am now.

How time flies indeed.

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70th Anniversary of Denmark’s Liberation (WWII)

One of the things that has sometimes baffled me about the actual end date of the war in Denmark is whether it was on May 4th or May 5th. I know the story of how black curtains were used to stop the light from the houses being visible from the air; whenever bombers would fly over inhabited areas, they wouldn’t be able to see where to throw the bombs. Because of this, we have a tradition of lighting candles in our windows on the evening of May 4th, the first time doing this being upon hearing the news in 1945 – but the official date of the liberation of Denmark is May 5th.

I looked it up, and on the website of DR (Denmark’s National Broadcasting Corporation), it says that we received the news on the evening of May 4th, but the German capitulation wasn’t officially enforced until 8:00 AM the next day, May 5th.

Gratitude to anyone working and fighting for what we hold dear is in order. Thank you to all of you, dead or alive.

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Commercial programming: Unintentionally doing it right

Some cable companies in Denmark offer the possibility of starting over some programs on TV. Some channels show TV-shopping programs, so when starting over the programs following these shopping programs, you’ll get the last bit of it to start with. These channels do not offer the possibility of fast forwarding due to making their money off of their commercial programming, so they obviously want us to see it and buy everything we see.

Every now and then, that last part of the shopping program contains a fancy fitness machine, promising broad shoulders for the gents and time glass figure for the ladies as well as flat stomachs, six packs, and tight and shapely buttocks for everybody. You will get this and all the bikini readiness you want in only five minutes, with only this one machine, AND in your own home – how about that!

I do think that these commercials don’t really work the way they were intended on me. The thing is that the commercials also show people who clearly aren’t sixpacked nor pleasing on the eyes in a bikini (at least if you ask the TV-shopping people); they are in a gym and so not in the know when it comes to how the machinery works – you know how difficult it is to ride a stationary bike or walking/jogging/running on the treadmill without slipping and falling after the two first steps, right?

Really? Seriously. As mind numbingly dumbing down these commercials are, I tend to go in the opposite camp, however mind numbingly dumb that also is. I start to look forward to get a membership to the gym, strutting around in public, proud as the swan I am going to be with all of that working out that I can actually work those machines.

It seems that I (as well as the local gym) should actually be thanking those TV-shopping commercials – so thank you kindly! 😀

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Bringing a bit of change around

When I started blogging, it was with a sense that I had something on my mind that I wanted to get out – even when nobody was around, or if it needed to come out without an initial discussion of the subject. Thoughts sparked or inspired by something I see or hear. I’m not sure whether I branched out or limited myself when I started aiming at the subjects of study I applied for when applying at the University of Copenhagen; as part of my application for each subject (in prioritized order: theater, Dutch, English, and theology), I mentioned my intention of blogging along the way of my studies. Up until my acceptance at the university, I would be looking for each of the subjects in whatever I would blog.

My ambitions with the blog grew even further when seeing other blogs on which the owners spoke their minds on social or political matters, and later those who blogged elaborately of their travels. I started in a period of my life when I was becoming more and more aware of politics and social matters; I became a member of a political party as well as their youth organization, I became active at school, and even wrote my final project on politics when graduating high school. I was painfully aware of what politics and social matters meant to society – and wanted to do the right thing and speak up and speak my mind on these matters. But with time, I was worn out by all of the wrongs that I could see in the world and the thought of having to have and express an opinion on each and every single one of them. Enter specific interests to run and hide behind; travel, theater, music, food, languages/linguistics and the cultures in which they are spoken or they have influenced, theology, what have you – and all of the elaborate media sources on each subject I could find. I felt that I had to be on the same level of each of those sources in every single one of those subjects. Needless to say, I was out of breath and in need of a nap even before I started.

If you have visited this blog before late December 2014, you may have noticed that my blog has changed. Not only have I changed the template (the design), I have also removed the subjects that I thought I would be blogging on from the primary menu. Instead of those, I have chosen to make a menu of select categories in one of the columns on the home page and on individual blog posts. This menu is subject to change. This is not because I don’t want to blog on these specific subjects anymore; this is just because I don’t want to put them above other subjects or want to pretend that I know more about them than anyone else. And I don’t want to limit myself to them, or feel that I have to.

Hopefully this will help me to come back and express myself around these parts a little more often.

Welcome to my blog. 🙂

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Descaling… Descaling… Descaling…

One of the things that have been a stable throughout, well, basically anything but following the Word of Wisdom of the Latter-Day Saints (which lasted less than a month after being challenged by a pair of missionaries), is coffee. You may remember me mentioning it last year too.

Since moving in, I bought myself a coffee machine. Until I did that, I brewed coffee manually – but it has been really nice to be able to turn my back on the coffee while it’s brewing. When brewing it manually, I had to wait for the water to boil as well as be next to the thermos to make sure that it doesn’t overrun with fresh coffee (I’m awful at eyeballing the half a liter of water the thermos holds). Now I can fill the machine with the appropriate amounts of water and ground coffee, switch it on, turn my back on it and do other constructive things, and know that there is coffee not to long after.

But with time, it takes longer and longer for the water to run through the system and become yummy coffee. It’s all that chalk from the water! A descaling is long overdue – and now that the machine has been thoroughly descaled, it should run smoothly again. Let’s see how fast I wake up next time I use it.

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Without Scaffolding

As the second photo last year, I posted this tree and the building behind it. The building had scaffolding around it at the time. I took it as a different image of the subthemes I was working with – old, new, the transition between the two; the old(-ish) building being in the transformation fase to being refurbished and as good as new with the old tree next to it (I haven’t cut it down to count the rings, so I wouldn’t know its exact age).

It has been done and wothout scaffolding for a while now. I have been here for a while now. It’s nice to notice the changes around me while it happens – especially when it seems that the process walks hand in hand with my own process.

I remember someone saying that she didn’t think it fit into my theme last year, and I didn’t agree. I still don’t.

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Spice Shakers (and the Finding of the Cheshire Cat)

Spice shakers

Recycling the spice shakers – before and after acetone

I don’t know if I should claim not to have high standards in the kitchen – I would say that I do have certain standards in that area – but sometimes one has to be to a more practical side rather than being picky. This applies to the spice containers and shakers in my kitchen. True enough, I am picky with the spices, and if I really had to pick something to have my salt and pepper in, it would be in pawn-shaped grinders which can be found with a brand like Peugeot. But alas, to this day I haven’t been able to find space for them in my budget.

Fortunately, I have found an alternative that I find to be of great use; every now in a blue moon, I buy spices in shakers like the pictured. I have one for salt, one for pepper, and the one you see in the background containing a mix of powdered cinnamon and sugar which traditionally dresses rice porridge (or “rice pudding” as some call it) along with a knob of butter. Some merely use powdered cinnamon, which I think is the absolute traditional thing, but the mix with sugar has made its way into tradition. I always had a problem with dressing the porridge evenly with a spoon, so having a shaker to do so is a gift.

The reason why I don’t have a lot of these shakers is because I buy most of my spices from an organic brand called Urtekram. They come in beautiful tiny tins these days – once they came in equally tiny glass jars – which I save, clean, and refill. The wonderful thing about these tins is that you can pull the label right off, no soaking, no hassle. But with some of the glass jars I have kept throu time, a bit of soaking is needed to dissolve the glue keeping on the label – and in some cases, even some acetone is needed to remove the most persistent glue (a trick that I learned when using nail polish remover as a teenager).

When it comes to the Cheshire Cat in the Hiding of the Cheshire Cat post, you can find him in the dark area between the F and the O. If you want, you can see him right here.

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The Hiding of the Cheshire Cat


The plus side of living in one place for long enough is that one gets to know the area well. Instead of walking the exact same route to and from everyday errands, one can make turns that one didn’t make yesterday.

The area I live in now have colorful houses, an array of diverse plantation in the gardens, randomly placed trees, flowers, and plants crawling the walls of the buildings – and the walls filled with graffiti. Sometimes you need to know where they are and what to look for.

Speaking of which: however small it is in the image, are you able to spot the Cheshire Cat?

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PiNME Revisited

As of this weekend, I have lived in my present home for exactly one year.

One of the things that the move to this place has influenced was the theme that I worked with during a course that I started the Monday after I moved in. During this course, we were asked to upload one image every day for fifteen days to a blog specifically created for this purpose. After having created several blogs throughout the last few years and having the inspiration for several of them die on me and having created this – my main blog – to exhibit what I learn and what I do, I decided that making yet another blog for this very specific and very time limited purpose was a no-go. Instead, I created a category for it.

If there is any purpose of revisiting this, it must be to see if anything has changed; in the apartment, the area, or in my outlook on things. If there are any things I can update on from last year, I will try to do so. Some of the subthemes I had last year – the main theme being the move as a whole – was old and new, transition, and what is or could be steadying factors in the phase of transition until I had settled in completely. A new subtheme could be what has been happening since last year.

The camera I used last year was an iPhone 5 (except for the very first photo, which was taken with my smartphone at the time). But because the smartphone I had at the time was becoming unstable, especially when it came to photos, and because it wasn’t compatible with Instagram, which we were to use for a paper midway through the course. I really wanted to start using Instagram and needed to switch to a better phone subscription datawise – and I guess I had subconsiously considered getting an iPhone for a while, so then was the chance. I’m using the very same phone this time around.

Flowers & Fruit

The last photo I uploaded last year was fairly simple and included sweets and flowers. This time the table (and the photo) seems more cluttered than when I first moved in – and granted, a lot more stuff has entered the apartment since the first days here – and seemingly, more fruit has entered the kitchen on a regular basis since then.

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