The reason why I started a blog was of two reasons: 1) I had things to say that I wanted to get out there on my own time, 2) in the context of aiming myself at a carreer, I wanted a place to reflect upon my subject of work and exhibit my capabilities, competences, reflections, what have you.

Part of this still holds true; I still have things that I want to share, personally – and in time, probably also professionally – but I also want a place to centralize my online presence. This is it.

My name is Freya; I’m a Dane in my early 30s. I’m in an office by day, doing a mix of personnel administration and finances. I hold a bunch of interests, many of them in context with the arts and enjoying life; many of these might be what I’m blogging about, some can be used at my job. Other than that, I’m a student laypreacher; sermons and the likes will be posted here, regardless of which language it’s written in.


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