The Kitchen Notebook

It has given me some thought, adding recipes and other kitchen stuff as a whole to the blog. I do want to share recipes, but my interest for gastronomy and being in the kitchen is more than just recipes, and I need a category covering more than that. Having a general “notebook” for all things kitchen/foodie related may seem a whole lot more easy, so here goes nothing!

First off all, there are the relevant posts on my blog under my old name. They are under the category The Kitchen.

Second of all, I’ve added a few smoothie recipes to my Instagram as I’ve come into a rythm in both making them as well as writing them down. They’re probably the most liked/favorited images on my profile! (Addendum: some of the links to these direct to my Tumblr, where they are also published, as Instagram sometimes acts up when it comes to adding captions and comments.)

As I add to it on the present blog, I will do my best to remember to update this page.

From here, you can jump to:



The Cola Ham

Cakes, cookies, and biscuits

English Muffins
Vanilla Cookies
Vanilla Cookies, v2

Drinks and beverages


Apple & Kiwi (see also: the apple prep)
Apricot & Coconut
The Basic Bitch
The Basic Bitch #2
Galia melon
Honeydew 1
Honeydew 2
Honeydew & Kiwi
Paraguayo (Saturn Peach)
Peachy Improved (Saturn Peach)
Peach & Coconut
Plum & Koldskål
Scandinavian Summer
Strawberry & Kiwi (see also: using coconut yogurt instead of plain yogurt)

See also: Getting a frozen yogurt feel.

Hot beverages

Emergency Christmas Teas
HjuleGløgg (alcohol free gløgg)



Enkel by Ole Palsby


The Spice Shakers


The Big Teapot & Cups
The Small Teapot & Cup

The Kitchen Diary

January 18th, 2017: Dér røg yndlings-smoothieglasset./Goodbye to the favorite smoothie glass.
December 26th, 2016: Til HjuleGløggen./For the non-alcoholic mulled drink. (Se også:opskrift på dansk/See also: recipe in English)
December 7th, 2016: The cantina’s raspberry smoothie is better than my own.
October 28th, 2016: An experiment with leftover smoothie.
October 28th, 2016: Den eneste grund til ikke at hjemmebage vaniljekranse.
October 25th, 2016: Eggs of color from this morning.
October 23rd, 2016: Using coconut yogurt instead of plain yogurt in the starwberry/kiwi smoothie.
October 21st, 2016: Smoothie with a frozen yoghurt feel
August 1st, 2016: What to make of fresh cherries? (Se også kommentarerne til opslaget på Facebook).
July 24th, 2016: The morning after the traveler returned… (or: When storebought is amazeballs.)
July 22nd, 2016: They doggybagged. I must get to know how to cook that way.
July 2nd, 2016: An Abundance of Smoothie!
June 17th, 2016: Scandinavian Smoothie – Svensk version??
June 17th, 2016: Smoothie Leftovers and Consistency
June 7th, 2016: Prepping the Apple & Kiwi smoothie
October 15th, 2015: The Empty Plate
July 22nd, 2015: A Watermelon with a Pattern
June 12th, 2015: Ready to make soup!
June 2nd, 2015: Continuing the Rye Bread Saga, #1 and #2
June 1st, 2015: Early Arrival
May 31st, 2015: Semolina Flour
May 16th, 2015: Knive, knivtaske og Stufz
March 15th, 2015: Boil with without a lid
March 12th, 2015: Veggie Burger & Cookbook Crush
March 10th, 2015: Erstat sukkeret med honning i dit bagværk
March 8th, 2015: De andre første kasser fra Aarstiderne
March 8th, 2015: Nyt medlem af opskriftsamlingen (Download hæfte)
March 3rd, 2015: My first two boxes from Aarstiderne
January 5th, 2015: A Breakfast of Champions
January 1st, 2015: Erfaring med Soy4You? (Noter fra Facebook)
December 30th, 2014: Amarena Cherries and Danish Cherry Sauce
December 29th, 2014: Amarena Cherry Visual
May 30th, 2014: Asian Candy Wrap
May 3rd, 2014: Earl Grey by NuTe
April 25th, 2014: Making the best of a kitchen accident
February 1st, 2014: The new coffeemaker
September 23rd, 2013: Efterlysning: blå Wedgwood kopper
April 15th, 2012: New Teapots – part 1 and part 2
April 5th, 2010: Mmmmm! – Smell the wonder of cookies!

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