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How I can’t lose

Today, Denmark's national women's soccer team is headed to the Netherlands for the final in the European Championships. I can't lose this one. One thing is the question of equality. Soccer is the national sport in Denmark, just like you

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Hej, jeg fik et lortegennemsnit, da det endeligt lykkedes for mig.

Hej, jeg hedder Freya og er HF-student med et lortegennemsnit.

Til gengæld dumpede jeg ikke en eneste eksamen; jeg fik et stykke papir, der fik mig ind på landets to bedste universiteter – og på trods af det er jeg pissekompetent.

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Good Luck, America.

I have already ranted about Trump’s tweet shown in the image below on Facebook. I don’t think that there is more to add to it. Also: I just love Jeremy Noel-Tod’s comeback to it.

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The Canonized Denmark

Having a day off (or rather: taking the day off; we have time off from school to prepare for exams, so on paper I have other, “better” things to do), I have had the time to do some kitchen stuff

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Update (May 31st, 2016)

Now I’ve been revisiting the blog a few times since the last blog entry. I start feeling the itch again; I miss blogging! But this seems to be a theme every time I check in, and every time it seems

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Gospelgudstjeneste i UngK, dd.: Prædiken/reflektion

Tekst: Barnekår i stedet for trællekår Så længe en arving ikke er myndig, er han som en slave. Hans ejerskab er underlagt formyndere, så selvom han i virkeligheden ejer det hele, har han ikke større ret over dette end en

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Four years ago.

Originally posted on Unna's Blog of Total Randomness:
It’s been a week since the tragedy in Norway – and finally, I think I’m able to think somewhere in the area of clear about it, let alone have an overview…

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Summer Anniversary

It’s summer. It’s actually hot outside – the proper Scandinavian summer has arrived, and I have finally bought myself new flip-flops – and it is so hot that the sky has broken out in summer rain. Before it broke out,

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Beer bread

I’m currently fasting as I have to have blood samples taken in the morning. I was told that the fasting had to start at midnight (it’s currently 1:20 AM as I write). Problem? Well, not the needles. Well, no problem,

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I was going through some photos of mine on Facebook and came across this one from October 2nd, 2012. The caption reads: Fall has kicked in. Soon it will be November (ie. time for the final preparations for the general

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